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Time on task significant in MS patients

An interesting research article was recently published related to cognitive fatigue in MS patients. The article was published in Frontiers in Neurology. “The present findings suggest that MS participants experience subjective cognitive fatigue as the time of the task increased, regardless of the cognitive domain, and regardless of the cognitive load associated with the task,” … Continue reading Time on task significant in MS patients

Brain Injury – Cognitive Fatigue

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne provides good information about cognitive fatigue in children after brain injury. “When a child has cognitive fatigue, it means their brain has to work harder to concentrate on tasks it used to be able to do much more easily before the brain injury.” In addition, the article references symptoms and … Continue reading Brain Injury – Cognitive Fatigue

Why Cognitive Fatigue Matters

DOD Live posted an interesting article on why cognitive fatigue matters. Dr. Bender gives an overview of cognitive fatigue, differentiates it from sleep deprivation and physical fatigue, and gives several great examples of some of the effects of cognitive fatigue. He concludes the article with some suggestions on how to combat cognitive fatigue. Hey guess … Continue reading Why Cognitive Fatigue Matters

Fatigue After Brain Injury: is always a great resource for brain injury-related information. Their post talking with Dr. Zasler about fatigue after brain injury is a yet another great resource. asked many great questions including: Describe fatigue. What exactly is traumatic brain injury-related fatigue? How common is fatigue after a brain injury? What does fatigue look like … Continue reading Fatigue After Brain Injury: