MMF Version History

The ManageMyFatigue app was funded and developed by Michelle Ranae Wild and is currently in its seventh update (v1.7). The initial app was launched in February 2015. Version updates are completed based on the app development roadmap as well as feature requests and feedback from initial users. The following table illustrates the MMF app feature list per version.

MMF App Version Release Date Changes
MMF v1.7 02/12/16
  • Added additional reminders at 30 minutes and 1 hour if users don’t enter their post-fatigue level
  • Added the ability to set two additional reminders to check app throughout the day
  • Added reminder to register app
  • Added a reminder to backup app data to Dropbox
  • Enhanced accessibility for images in questionnaires
MMF v1.6 09/18/15 Users can:

  • Backup/restore data to Dropbox
  • Recognize and adjust optimal duration when stopping task prematurely over several attempts
  • Include an “other” response when stopping a task prematurely
  • Assign breaks to a calendar other than the categories calendars
  • Start breaks automatically, rather than manually start a break
MMF v1.5 06/25/15 Minor updates and bug fix
MMF v1.4 06/20/15 Users can:

  • Associate each category with a different calendar
  • View a slideshow and/or listen to music while taking breaks
  • Move and copy tasks from one category to another
  • View four new charts to analyze time spent on categories and tasks
  • See strategies and notes within the calendar event
MMF v1.3 05/11/15 Users can:

  • View tutorial videos within the app
  • See pre-task and post-task fatigue levels for each task in the iOS Calendar
  • Add reminders to each task
  • Include list of prescription drugs, if desired
  • Respond to number of naps taken in Bedtime Questionnaire
  • Notified with a second alert if user doesn’t respond to the initial alert
  • View two charts to illustrate data
  • Set vibration alert pattern when MMF is open but sound is off
  • Share data via CSV files for research purposes
  • Delete task reminders
  • Print to AirPrint-capable printer
MMF v1.2 03/13/15 Modified international database structure to prevent crashes for internal time zones
MMF v1.1 03/09/15 Users can:

  • Add tasks worked on to the iOS Calendar
  • Add breaks taken to the iOS Calendar
  • Add notes to a task after identifying fatigue level
  • View number of times each task is attempted per day
  • Set iPhone to vibrate when MMF timer counts down
MMF v1.0 02/24/15 Planning Features

  • Assess your energy when you get up each morning.
  • Then plan the number of tasks you feel you can accomplish successfully—based on how you feel that day.
  • Over time, consistently smarter use of your energy leads to greater productivity and less fatigue.

Monitoring Features

  • Track your energy level before and after each task, noting which tasks you complete successfully and which ones wipe you out.
  • Record strategies and notes for each task to help keep you focused.
  • Answer sleep questionnaires to help track your sleep and energy.

Evaluation Features

  • Using the information available in the Report tab, learn to plan realistically the activities you can do each day—and for how long.
  • As you improve at monitoring your tasks and breaks, you’ll begin to feel less exhausted and more in control.
MMF v0.0 01/20/15 MMF app development began